Born in 1931, Master Fu Sheng Yuan is the 5th generation of the Yong Nian yang style Taichi family. His grandfather Yang Cheng Fu and his father, Fu Zhong Wen are masters of great renown. Master Fu, as inheritor of his family skill and knowledge was destined to be significant contributer to the art.
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Born in 1959, Sifu George Thomas has over 35 years experience in Martial arts as a student, teacher and referee. Since the age of ten, he has been actively participating in fitness programmes. He is a living catalog on fitness, loves to learn and share all about health and Philosophy.
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The Tao doesn't take sides; it gives birth to both good and evil. The Master doesn't take sides; she welcomes both saints and sinners. The Tao is like a bellows: it is empty yet infinitely capabl.....
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