About Grandmaster

Master Fu Sheng Yuan (1931 – 2017)  was the 5th generation of the Yong Nian yang style Taichi family. His grandfather Yang Cheng Fu and his father, Fu Zhong Wen are masters of great renown.

Master Fu, as inheritor of his family skill and knowledge was destined to be significant contributer to the art. He was Taichi instructor at Tonji university, Shanghai college of economics, Shanghai institute of chemical engineering and Ching – Wu association and also a referee of International martial art competitions on several occasions.

He performed and taught in many countries including Australia , China, Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Poland, England, America, France, Taiwan, Philipinnes, Italy, Holland, Norway, Switzerland, Africa, Canada, Chile, India, Argentina and Sri Lanka.

Master Fu and his son Fu Qing Quan, a winner of many Taichi competitions in China, have lived in Perth, Australia since 1989. Master Fu was the president of the World Yong Nian Yang Style Taichi Federation.

It was indeed a great privilege and honour for The Academy, that The living Legend visited us to endorse Sifu George Thomas as The sole representative of The Authentic Yang Family Tai chi in India and also for giving the students here the wonderful experience of his teachings and philosophy.