About Sifu George Thomas

Born in 1959, Sifu George Thomas has over 40 years experience in Martial arts as a student, teacher and referee. Since the age of ten, he has been actively participating in fitness programmes. He is a living catalog on fitness, loves to learn and share all about health and Philosophy. He believes we are born with a purpose and will reap what we sow.

He is a regular swimmer and has experienced various meditation techniques like Zen, TM Siddhi, Sidda Samadhi Yoga, Vipassana, Silva mind control etc. and also healing arts like Reiki / Pranic healing. He discovered Martial arts in 1977 and is a 6thdegree black belt in Karate and a National referee. Since 1995 he has dedicated his life in spreading / promoting Tai Chi Chuan in India.

Sifu George Thomas has trained directly under the Grand Master, in Perth, Australia and in Shanghai, China quite a few times. The Grand Master was so impressed with Sifu George’s sincerity and dedication that he decided to teach him the Taichi Sword Form, which is the King of all weapons, way back in 1998. Later on another visit he imparted the Taichi sabre lessons. He also had the opportunity to train with the Grand Master’s son, Fu Qing Quan who is the 6th generation of the Yang Family, and other International Masters in Shanghai when they met for International workshops, competition and Seminars.

Sifu George Thomas is the Head of The Authentic Yang Family Taichi in India, authorized by the Grand Master and the World Yong Nian Tai Chi Federation.

He is the Founder and President of FU SHENG YUAN TAI CHI ACADEMY-INDIA CHAPTER, which he established in Chennai in 1998 and later set up branches in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Kochi, Ahemdabad and Delhi. He has been conducting Seminars, workshops, lecture / demonstrations regularly for corporate houses, clubs and educational Institutions. He has featured in many leading television channels, newspapers and magazines.

Sifu George Thomas has a passion for cycling and treks in the Himalayas. He enjoys the moments of peace, joy and wisdom in the practice  of Tai Chi and is on a mission to share this ancient Chinese art, here in our great country, India.