Media Speaks

Intelligent Investor,15 December 2001

Is it a dance form? Or a martial arts discipline? Perhaps both and maybe more. For its new converts, tai chi is about a way of life.

Jetwings, December 2003

Banglore’s software engineers have turned Oriental with a twist. Taichi Chuan, a martial art form that’s a cross between yoga and aerobics, is the latest in the range of stress busters the city has adopted.

Life Positive, August 2000

Tai chi, an ancient Chinese system of exercise, cultivates energy for physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Now you can learn it in India.

Femina,October 2003

Meditation in motion.

Society, August 1999

One more alternative therapy for the mind and body conscious. Now is the time to go Tai!

The Economic Times,20 June 1999

Martialing peace of mind. Tired corporates are turning to Taichi for Nirvana…

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