Students Speaks

Tai Chi given me strength, balance and feeling of oneness. While learning. I enjoyed the sessions thoroughly. Everyday was a new day.It has helped me to be in control of myself in adverse situations

Radha – Chennai

Tai Chi – Sure cure for ailments

It has been nearly 18 months since I started practicing Tai Chi. Now; Tai Chi has become a part of my life. In just 2 weeks my posture improved. I now stand, sit, and walk erect without any conscious effort. Also, I had been suffering from sinus since my childhood accompanied by severe headaches and running nose. After about 10 months of practicing Tai Chi, I no longer suffer the symptoms of sinus. For me, Tai Chi was the cure for my illness. I can, with certainty, recommend Tai Chi as a remedy for this ailment. Tai Chi also brings a sense of peace and confidence within. To benefit from Tai Chi, dedication and continuous practice is a must. Tai Chi may be slow in showing its results, but it eventually does shower you with great benefits.

Karthik Shankar – Chennai

A Martial art that complements Buddhist values

Joining Tai Chi classes has been one of the best decisions that I have made in my life. I always wanted to learn some kind of martial art and I find this form to be complementing the Buddhist way of life, which I follow. Also, at my age, I find it difficult to go through rigorous gym routines or hard martial arts exercise. In Tai Chi, I have found the perfect balance. I get enough exercise for my body and more importantly for the mind. If you are familiar with Buddhist teachings, then you will know the importance of the mind. Initially one tries to understand the forms at an intellectual level. The importance is given to get the movement right. But then the beauty and grace of Tai Chi movements can be experienced only when the movement becomes an extension of the performer and the performer flows through the movements without even thinking. I also acknowledge the fact that in order for this to happen; it will take years of regular practice. Once again thank you very much for accepting me as your student.

Rajendra Menon – Kochi

Moving from the center

Benefits of Tai Chi in my life: I feel good on almost all days, especially when the frequency of practice is higher. The principle, “moving from the center”, can be adapted to everyday life whether emotional, physical or intellectual. Also, more objective decisions can be made in life if one decides from the center. Tai Chi is a constant reminder of this way of life. I have noticed that I catch a cold or cough infection less frequently and that is remarkable for I live in Mumbai. I am currently training for a full marathon. Marathon training requires an effective cross training program. My cross training comprises doing the Tai Chi form every morning on days when I don’t run and as far as possible also on days I run. So far it has worked very well. I am sure the Tai Chi cross training has significantly complemented and contributed to the management of the work load on my legs and lungs.

Ashwin Kukreja – Mumbai

Standing TAll

Learning at the beginner’s level has been a gratifying experience. It has helped me straighten my back, and overall I feel more at ease with myself.

Abhishek Thakkur – Mumbai

Body and Mind in harmony

It is beyond doubt that Tai Chi is a very effective method to synchronize, synergize and systematize body, mind and soul. Tai Chi has enabled my body to be alert, the mind to be calm and focused and soul to be vibrating to higher levels. This has been my experience by practicing Tai Chi. Thanks to Sifu for bringing this art closer to many of us and enabling us to have wonderful experiences.

Mohan Vudali – Hyderabad

Tai Chi – my bridge over troubled waters

I have been a student of Sifu George Thomas for a decade now. The first thing that struck me about tai chi was the slowness. For a person with a very busy mind, this slow art form introduced the concept of quiet and calm. I have since realised the virtues of going slow. Six years ago, I had my daughter at the age of 37. What could have been a complicated pregnancy turned out to be a routine and normal delivery- much to the surprise of my concerned family and friends. The secret- my regular practise- upto the last week of my confinement. Tai Chi has helped me be emotionally stable and physically fit. I am truly grateful to my sifu for his constant guidance and support. Thank you.

Mala Chinnappa – Chennai

On an ‘inward’ journey…

How can I forget the first few days I started learning Tai Chi ! I look back and feel that I have come a long way. And, I look at the senior students and realize i have a long way to go. Along the journey I have picked up few invaluable pearls. The chief among them are patience and tolerance. ” Be conscious of your choices ! ” – Sifu George Thomas. Somehow Tai Chi turns your attention from outward to inward. When you dwell inward the attention gets refined several folds. Gradually I understand how rigid I am and I try relaxing. If there is one word that works like magic in Tai Chi, it would be “PRACTISE”.

Satyanandan – Chennai

Tai Chi brought ‘balance’ back into my life

I have started experiencing reasonably good improvement in my balance, which was impaired due to inner ear damage I sustained twelve years ago from a head injury. Since I started learning Tai Chi, especially in the last four months or so I can make out a marked improvement in my balance as well as a reduction in the bouts of vertigo which I used to frequently experience. As I am not taking any medication for this disorder, I can confidently ascribe the improvement I am experiencing to Tai Chi. Sifu, I must thank you profusely for enabling me to learn this wonderful art form.

Rohan D’Souza – Bengaluru

My back pain disappeared totally!

After I started learning Tai Chi my back pain disappeared totally, I had severe lumbar pain from 2006 and I was taking medicines but the relief was short lived. I still have the pain if I stand for long time but I noticed that when I do Tai Chi the pain is not there, so I surmised it is due to bad posture and am trying to correct my sitting posture at office. I’m happy to have as good a master as Sifu. I hope to learn Tai Chi properly and not look like stiff wood but a flowing river like Sifu!

Srilatha Rao – Hyderabad

Tai Chi- the Zen of all martial art forms…

Having worked non stop for almost 3 decades I had reached a stage of severe stress. I was in a total state of restlessness. I used to help Shihan Hussaini conduct his karate demos. I had learnt about Tai Chi and knew that it was a Calm meditative art form. The instructions stay with me, which is the philosophy of the martial form… – Focus on the moment. – Stay with the NOW – Do not bother about the past and the future, NOW is where you are. – Maintain your balance. – Keep your spine straight, your feet should be strong and rooted like a tree. – Your hands may sway like the branches when the wind blows, but you will not be thrown off balance. – Breathe easy, open up your body, accept. – Go with the flow, enjoy the movement. – Be aware, be conscious of every single move. – Focus, focus, focus. Don’t worry about the next move… Mr. Rose’s instructions and Sifu’s overview are what the masters say in all the spiritual books. To me Tai Chi is about the body, mind, emotions and energy – Combining all 4 elements into one – the ultimate chi..

Jyoti Swaroop – Chennai

Tai Chi for total control over body and mind

When I get angry, people who know me, would just keep off . Reason being my hand speaks faster than my tongue. I have a history of breaking chairs and injuring my hand because I lose control. When I joined Taichi, it was due to my the Jetli’s movie-TAICHI MASTER 🙂 🙂 and I have great interest in Martial Arts. As a beginner I thought I am going to learn fighting skills. After some time I realized I am bringing out my fighting skills. These Fighting skills are not to fight with others… It is to fight with your negative sides… Its been a year and now, when I get angry or frustrated, I just give a simple smile. I have started to feel the essence of my Life…. It also increases your will power… First I was struggling to jog 4 kms.. Now I can jog 10 kms daily… “You will think of hurting others before learning Taichi… But after learning Taichi you wouldn’t even hurt a fly”

Nasir Hussain